About Indian Horses

The gazette notification by the Government of India identifies 5 breeds of Indian horses as Marwari, Kathiyawari, Manipuri, Spiti and Zanskari.


The Marwari Horse has acquired it's name from it's original breeding place Marwar in Rajasthan. The Marwari horse today is descended from the splendid war-horses that served the ruling families and warriors of feudal India, throughout and from the beginning of that country's history. Their std'us was unparalleled, as they were declared divine and superior to all men, including those of Royal blood. Accordingly, only the Rajput families and the Kshatriyas - warrior caste were permitted to mount these exalted animals. Today the breed is once again achieving eminence after over a century of twilight status due to the Imperial presence of the British and further, the new Indian democracy. Marwari horse, as the most potent symbol of the warrior Kings somehow survived wholesale slaughter, castration and fearful ignorance during the troubled times preceding Independence and for several decades later. It is thanks to the surviving Rajput families and horse lovers from all communities that the resilient and beautiful Marwari has emerged from the shadows onto a bright and hopeful future and out of the threat of extinction,


The Kathiyawari has fhe same history as that of Marwari but having been bred in the Kathiyawar region of Gujarat , it acquires the name of Kathiyawari. Breeding line and environmental differences have distinctively given certain separate features to the Kathiyawari from it's cousin the Marwari. Such as ears, eyes, nose and in it's built up structure.


The Manipuri horses are bred in the north - eastern state of Manipur in India. The Manipuri has the best claim to fame, for it was the original polo pony. In the 1850's the English planters discovered this native game in India. They then took up and spread around the world. Physique of this horse is typical like that of pony but is very quick and maneuverable.

4. SPITI :

The Spiti horses are bred in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The name Spiti has been taken from the famous Spiti river. Physique of this horse is also like that of d pony, thick set and short coupled. They are very sure-footed and tough and used for transportation in the mountains.


Zanskari horses are bred in the high altitude Zanskar region of Ladakh in eastern Jammu and Kashmir State of India. Physique of this horse is very similar to the Spiti pony but are more adaptable for higher altitude where they are used as work horses.