General Judging Criteria for In Hand Section

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The Marwari horse will be judged according to and only to the Breed Standard. Other distinctive attributes of the breed are presence and personality, and include the following: Animation,stamina, fitness, attitude and tractability. ne horse should be penalised for disobedience such as bucking, rearing, bolting, biting or kicking other horses.


Head: Coarse or plain head

Ears: Ears lacking the typical curled shape , overly long and coarse.

Eyes: Pig eyes, Albinoism.,

Nose: Excessive Roman nose, Concave nose, Small nostrils, Respiratory disorders,

Mouth : Parrot mouth, over bite, under bite,

Neck : Ewe( concave ) neck, turkey neck or low set neck, lacking arch, lacking crest and mane.

Withers: Hollow in front of withers, Low withers, Excessive fat on the withers. A smooth top line is very important. Deficiencies of the withers should be penalised according to the severity.

Shoulders : Too short, too straight .

Body : Low back, long back, roach ( convex ) back, flat ribs, shallow slab sided body, narrow chest, poor muscletone , excessive weight.

Croup: High croup, short croup, angled steep croup, poor muscling, low tail set

Legs and Feet : Blemishes, faults and unsoundness. Evidence of founder, dish, club, coon foot. Splay footed , pigeon toed, straight pastems , enlarged splints, over at the knee, calf knee, large coarse or swollen knees, bow legs, shoe boil (flabby swelling over the point of the elbow). Capped hocks, cow hocks, sickle hocks.

Tail : Low set dock, thin, short tail.

Coat : Coarse , dull, flat chestnut, albino, excessive pink on nose or face, tail,and genitals.

Stallions lacking masculinity, Mares lacking femininity.

Entering In -hand classes
It is imperative that display of action should not prevail over correct form and conformation. The horse should move in a controlled and pleasing manner, and must be a beautiful stylish animal displaying the refinement and personality of the breed Re should present an eye catching appeal when executing gaits or lined up in the ling. Horses must be sound and in good condition. Since beauty is paramount, blemishes as well as faults should be considered.