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  Issue - 6                                                        News Letter                                                    


The society continued to interact with the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry , Government of India in regard to the issue to the ban on export of Indigenous Horses. Meetings in regard to get EU clearance from India was attended by the Secretery General at the Government level. Interaction with NRCE, breeders and farmers continued at all Animal fairs. Work on registraion of horses issuing of passport and other documents have been updated upto 2012.

The Marwari horses from Francesca's USA herd continue to breed well and spread from Marthas Vineyard to Kentucky horse park to Spain and now to France.

Due to the efforts of our Founder Member Francesca Kelly, the IHSI participated at the World Equestrian Games at Kentucky in 2010. The team demonstrated the sport of tent pegging at the WEG on the USA Marwari horses.

The most prestigious participation for IHSI was to represent India at the QUEENS DIAMOND JUIBLEE at Windsor Castle. The presentation of dancing with horses was directed and choreographed by Francesca Kelly. Due to the policy of Government of India Marwari horses could not go from India but thanks to the Marwai horses from France, Spain and Oman India was able to participate.

IHSI had the privilage to be invited to Kazakshtan, Turkey and Turkmenistan to participate in Equestrian Fairs and display of martial arts.

Kazakshtan Tent Pegging

Kazakhstan Equestrian Federation invited a three members team from India through Indigenous Horse Society of India to demonstrate the game of “Tent Pegging” on the occasion of the 60th Birthday celebrations of President of Kazakhstan. The team consisted of Col.Sarpartap Singh (Retd.), Kr.Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod and Sh.Dileep Singh from Dundlod (Raj.)

Col.Sarpartap Singh (Retd.) and Kr.Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod
in Kazakhstan on opening parade on the occasion of  the 60th Birthday celebrations of President of Kazakhstan.

Kr.Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod demonstrating the sport of “Tent Pegging”.


The awaited farriery Institute is under construction at Dundlod.....Inaguration on 20th Nov. 2013.

The IHSI will continue to persue its policies and objects at the National & International level. .........








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  Issue - 5                                                New Letter                                           


* A delegation led by Th. Randhir Singh, Chairman met Sh. Sharad Pawar Minister of Agriculture in May 2008 in regard to various issues specially in regard to the export of indigenous horses. The Minister gave his assurance to look into the petition handed over to him.

* 27th May 2008 has will now be remembered as the historic day in the history of indigenous horses as on this day first indigenous horse race took place at the Meerut Race Course.

*   Directorate of Animal Husbandry Government of Gujarat has sent and approved Kathiawari Breed Standard for publication. The   IHSI has put it on its web site for general consensus from Kathiawari Horse Breeders and has requested a national level seminar of   Kathiawari Horse breeders before its final publication.
*  We have made tremendous progress with the European Union headquarters in regard to European Union accepting horses from  India as well as to operate a disease free zone in India.
*  Associate Membership for other breed Organizations / Societies have been initiated at the fee of Rs. 5000/- per year.

*  IHSI International Endurance Committee has been formed as under:
Alan Reener Australia
Sunder Rattanvelhu Dubai
Col.Sarpratap Singh India
Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod India
Francesca Kelly USA
Caroline Moorey UK
Caroline Adams France
Erika Young Italy
Thiloshini Abeysekera Sri Lanaka
Raja Mahmood Raj Hussain Malaysia
Chemat Din Bin Ismail Malaysia
* The proposal of the Indigenous Horse Stud Book Authority of India has been presented to the Ministry of Agriculture, Government    of India.

(Set up and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. Of India

Chairperson of the Indigenous Horse Stud Book Authority of India (IHSBA) will be anyone from the Ex-Office members.
Registrar cum Keeper of the Authority will be a paid employee.
Office of the Authority will be in Delhi. Space to be allotted by Ministry of Agriculture.
IHSBA will maintain separate stud books for each Indigenous breeds.
Membership to the Authority should be open to a registered Society with the standing of 3 years with a good track record.
A membership fees per annum or for life membership should be specified.
Each member Society will be authorised to send 2 representative for a meeting
Each Society continues to register its respective breeds in their jurisdictions.
Registrations of True to breed specimens to be sent for entry to the IHSBA.
Passports of horses to be exported will be issued by the Authority.
Fees for registration and passport are to be specified.
Authority to discuss and fix parameters and conditions for export.
Meeting of the Authority to be convened every 3 months.

* A petition has been sent by the Chairman to Her Excellency President of India in regard to the ban imposed by the European Union on the import of horses from India. A request has been made to include this subject in the EU India Summit.

* A similar petition has been filed with the Secretary Department of Animal Husbandry.
* Petitions have been filed with the Director General Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture as to why ban has been imposed on export of indigenous horses.


* A draft plan for development of Endurance and Tent Pegging for indigenous horses has been drawn up by Col (Retd) Sarpratap Singh Vice President Development & Technical.
* IHSI successfully attended the Equitana Horse Fair at Essen (Germany) where a lot of interest was shown for indigenous breeds of India.
* Courses are being started to train judges for breed conformation competitions.
* A criteria for judging horse dance competition is being initiated.
* To promote indigenous breeds IHSI has been authorized to file for tenders to sell horse to police and para military forces.


  * The Society has been instrumental in pursuing the Department of Postal Services, Government of India in successfully releasing postal stamps on Marwari, Kathiawari, Jhanskari and Manipuri. The same are also available for sale through the IHSI office.

* Congratulations to President Col Sarpratap Singh and Secretary Kamlabir Singh on the formation of the Lakhi (Sindhi) Horse Breeders Society.
* Letter has been received from Lt. Gen S.S. Kumar QMG Indian Army giving the guidelines under which the Marwari and Katiawari horses could be inducted in the Armed Forces for Trooper and Sport horses.
* NRCE is encouraging artificial insemination for which on 2 occasions semen has been donated from Francesca Kelly's Marwari Bloodline stables.
* A scheme has been initiated to register indigenous horse breeding stud farm with the IHSI.
* IHSI registered Marwari horses in USA have now entered in Spain . This may initiate a breeding programme in Spain.
* 7th National Indigenous Horse Show and 2nd Invitational International Endurance took place at Dundlod from 7th to 13th December 2009.
* IHSI henceforth will accept the advertisements to be placed on its web site.
* A section has been opened for sale of horses of members and breeders only through IHSI website.

* News from IHSI Foreign Chapters :
   Italy Organised a stand at the Assisi Endurance.
   Arranged a visit to India of professional endurance rider and vet to judge the potential of Marwari horses in the sport of endurance.
   France Organised a stand at the Paris Horse Show.
   UK Initiated the bit donation scheme and started the project at Balotra Horse Fair. <>