Petition To Government of India




India has an extensive population of several breeds of recognised indigenous horses including Marwari, Kathiawari,    Manipuri.

Recent livestock census shows unequivocally that the above    breeds are not a threatened or endangered species according    to international FAO and USA conventions.

 The above horse breeds constitute the equine cultural heritage    of India and should therefore be safeguarded and promoted in    line with other Government heritage policies.

 Recent developments and renewed interest in the selective    breeding, promotion and dissemination of indigenous horses in    India both at home and internationally has brought worldwide    attention to these ‘Indian ambassadors'.

 The international equestrian world has expressed appreciation    and admiration for efforts by Indian breeders, farmers and    individuals to further enhance the status of indigenous horses of    India through participation in fairs, shows, endurance races,    tent pegging displays and equestrian games.

 Increased breeding and promotion of indigenous breeds is    beneficial to the domestic economy and will attract foreign    investment;


 Internal competition amongst Indian breeders, individuals,    societies and associations is detrimental to the possibility of    exporting indigenous breeds

 Maintaining the above three breeds as restricted damages the    domestic market and dissuades foreign investment.

 Current export policy in India regarding equines is unbalanced,    restrictive, complicated and unnecessarily slow.


The IHSI (Indigenous Horse Society of India) petitions the Government of India to:

  Reconsider its equine export policy with a view to drafting of    a definitive export policy benefiting all interested parties in    equal measure.

  Grant maximum involvement to all stakeholders,     individuals, breeders in said drafting.

  Establish a nationwide Centralised Studbook System for all     breeds.

 Negotiate medical protocols with other countries for equine    export.

 Establish approved disease free zone for export to the     European Union.



Questionnaire for submission to the Minister of Agriculture, Government of India.


Name of horse person


Contact details,

Landline no.                              Mobile no.                            Email


How many horses do you own?

What breed are your horses?

Are you a breeder / trader / sports person / horse enthusiast - please specify.

Are you a member with any horse society, please specify



Does your income depend on horses sales? YES / NO


In your opinion, should the export of indigenous horses be allowed?   YES / NO


Are the restricted guidelines for export by the Department of  Animal Husbandry, Government of India, acceptable to you?


If there is a need to stage a demonstration in Delhi, will you participate? YES / NO


Will you be keen to sell horses to foreign buyers? YES / NO


Will export increase the number of horses and their value in India YES / NO


Will export give the opportunity to the Indigenous horses to compete against other breeds at the International level?  YES / NO


Has the number of Indigenous breed of horses increased in India in the last 10 years? YES / NO


I the undersigned have read the petition and agree to submit the same to the Government of India.




Signature of the horse person.               Date :-